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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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this morning, the search is on for smash and grab burglars. this morning it is businesses in englewood with broken windows. ahead. another wave of travelers will be heading home. in fact, it could be a record setter for dia. this is broncos sunday. thank you for joining us this
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i am eric kahnert .>> we have a cold morning. it was frigid in some locations with subzero temperatures, especially around the gunnison valley. let's go ahead and take a look. you can see the sunshine beautiful blue skies. this is looking from sports authority field toward downtown denver. yes, sports authority will be rocking in a few minutes as folks head out nice and early for the tailgate. if you are headed out early, you need to know the temperaturee are 26 in denvee and 28 and boulder. still single digits in greeley. lyman and sterling, you were single digits earlier. gunnison is 18 to growth -- 18 degrees below zero ---limon sterling, you were single 3
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gunnison is 18. day. quiet and mild for the first will see changes. eric will take you through the forecast in just a minute. smash and grab bu seven more businesses were hit. ww have lindsay watts who is live office south yale and happened. >> reporter: police really -- police initially told us there were six break-ins this morning. i noticed this bakery was also hit and that makes seven. all businesses had rocks thrown through their glass windows and doors. this is one of thh rocks used. the bakery was broken into and so is a pizzeria. you can see the door boarded up . also billy's gourmet hotdogs and we will show you video of what happened there.
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around the demo -- denver area just since the beginning of december. this morning, thieves did not even find anything to grab. they did not take anything. at billy's, a small ipad was stolen and the thieves took a lollipop box that was used collect money for charity. it doosn't look like anything major was taken. this is a hassle and expense for business owners. report>> -->> it in wraps the business. we have plywood on our front door. i had to come down in the middle of the night do that. it is costly. there is a deductible and we have to pay for that. >> reporter: police believe that the break-ins happen around to: 30 this morning. this is video of other businesses that were immacted.
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restaurant called copper pot. englewood police say they do have surveillance video from some businesses. hopefully they will release that to us soon and hopefully they will be able to catch the people who did that. we are live in englewood, lindsay watts , denver 7 . a search for an armed walgreens overnight. they hit the store on colorado morning. an office by a masked robber. police have not confirred that. the suspect was described as a hispanic male about 140-150 pounds and about 5'10" tall. if you have information, contact police. arapahoe county police are looking ffr the person who with this truck on fire. >> reporter: mohammed almosawi is muslim and he ssys his business has been hit three
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this one was caught on camera. you can see the man walking up to the truck dressed in a camel jacket. the truck start smoking as he walks away.>> we had three incidents. the trashcan was set on fire and then the door was broken and now the truck has been set on fire. >> reporter: the truck is used to stock shelves. the damage is about $15,000. mohammed almosawi believes it is happening because he is % muslim . >> he is afraid this will happen again and possibly turn violent. reporter -- investigators are looking for who started this fire. this was at creative treatment behavioral options at -- on wadsworth. the smoke oull be seen for miles. the fire was so intense that fire crews cannot go inside. one person was taken to the hospital. this is shocking video out
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hhuse exploded and the explosion was so powerful that it damage 50 homes nearby. a fire started near a gas meter and touched off the explosion. incredibly, only three people were hurt in all of this. the denver police are trying to find out who killed a man in an alley near 10th and a coma on tuesday. -- acoma on thursday. the victim is eon teodora and police say it is a homicide investigation. police. police looking for a suspect to open fire at the restaurant. a man and woman were both shott surviie. a third person was graced by a police have arrested one person, but they are looking near -- for another. the person is believed to be
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with tinted windows. police do not have any information on the actual shooter. the debate heats up this year. resident obama puts final touches on an executive action and there are actions in our state to strengthen the laws. one law will make it a misdemeanor for someone to apply for a gun background check if they know they are not allowed to own a gun. the second says that convicted domestic abusers must give up their guns. >> they have tools that we are not uuing enough that could help us keep guns out of the hands of people who are particularly dangerous. president. obama is set to meet with attorney general, let all -- loretta lynch, tomorrow now that he is home from hawaii. 3 he wants to expand background checks.
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building where two shootees killed seven and injured 21 during an -- a holiday party. this is the first time the building will be open since the tragedy. not surprisingly, security will be tighter at the building. protesters ransacking the saudi embassy in iran. they are upset about the execution of prisoners. about 40 people were arrested. the u.s. state department is saying the saudi arabia government needs to respect and those who are critical of the government like the cleric. traffic is building at the airport. this is a look at i- it is looking good there. day. it could be the seconddbusiest day and airport history. dia expects more than one 75,0000travelers to pass through today.
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painfully it is nice outside. llst year, hundreds missed fliihts because of tta screening. now it is about 10-15 minutes at both the north and south lines. that's pretty good. if you have a flight today, give yourself plenty of extra time. it is now 9:08. coming up, a 11-year-old by -- boy survives a day of frigid
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welcome back. i love this shot. sports authority field at mile high. i am sure people are already they are ready to tailgate. kind of a perfect day to throw
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it is going to be a big game for the broncos. kickoff is at 2:25. this is what people in the st. louis area are facing this morning. unfortunately, the flood damage is not over. the illinois river continues tt rise and could see a story crest tuesdayyor wednesday. the mississippi river is expected to continue rising and will crest on thursday. resident obama signed an which will help -- an emergency declaration which will help with cleanup efforts. stephen ppterson was willing to risk his life to save an animal. he spotted something bbbbing up and down in a frozen river. he turned around and found out it was a deer. he thought about calling line on -- 911 and knew that the deer did not have long. he went in himself to rescue the deer. >> it was in rough shape with icicles all over its face. it looked like it had been there for a while.>> reporter:
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then he used a strap to bring the deer to shore. to make sure she was okay. >> a neat story. the utah teenager is back home resting after he rescued himself after more than a day stuck in the wilderness. >> he survived 28 hours of single-digit temperatures when he got lost hunting. we are hearing the 911 calls he made just bbfore the phone died. >> reporter: a teenager lost and alone in the utah wildernesssfor 28 agonizing hours. >> i started crying and freaking out and trying to call 911 on my phone.>> eporrer: 911 calls reveal his desperation. the 14-year-old hunter became disoriented facing 4 degree temperaaures and a dying cell
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yours -- your flashlight? i am. >> reporter: he kept walking to keep his body warm and stave off hypothermia. >> i was trying to keep warm and i couldn't stop shaking. >> reporter: his family grew concerned when they heard nothing for five hours. >> there were points where i was losing hope.>> reporter: braden covered 11 miles of unforgiving and frigid terrain before stumbling into a stranger's home.>> i could see the faces and i felt like i had about 10 more minutes of life left in me. >> reporter: treated for hypothermia and frostbite, the teenager believes thaa god let him home where he belongs. >> for the next week, he will sleep next to me where i can see his face. >> reporter: loria rivera, abc news, washington. talk about bbing at the right place at the right time. a former er doctor came across an injured hiker and ends up
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miles to safety. this is in southern california. the injured man was with the group and have been trying to unfortunately, there was no cell service. the doctor carried the man 2.3 thankfully, that's when they were ableeto find help. >> thattstory is awesome. it is 9:15 on sunday morning. nobody likes to have been stolen from them. >> we will all do almost anything to keep that from happening. you are as creative as this man in colorado springs.
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welcome back everyone. it is 9:17. you can see the traffic moving to the high country is not looking too bad. it is picking up headed eastbound. of course, those are all the folks headed back to town. maybe they are headed back for the broncos game, or after the holidays, they may actually have to show back up at tomorrow. we have been talking about how cold it has been. many of us have needed to get out and warm the car. the police had this video out with a huge warning. this was on was 44th ave., the day after christmas. thieves pull up next to that cheap in broad daylight. then, the thief gets out and jumps into the jeep and off. this happened in a matter of seconds. the owner of the chief was inside delivering a pizza. if you recognize the thieves's
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police.>> thaa was a nice car too. >> mayay^sible it was ircuabc%ccuit stolen also. the colorado springs man was pretty fed up with having his packages stolen. he decided to do something c * >> @aclos%_clh@c ith@csomething stinky^l:h@, and this idea. he installed cameras on his fronpo^]ught the thieves stealing his ccloses. heec_^l:t out a package ircuitfull of a gallon of water and poop. -- cat poop.>> the thief took off with a special pa` in addition to the cargo c *de, he put a note asking cuc%_clcuh@%^cl@ao@^ the thief to stop stealing his packages. he also asketh:% return his gallon ircuit%@k^lof water.>> @ao@^w let's hope that_cuitthief sees this on the news circuitis cuh@cclosch@c more embarrassed and won't do _abin. >> therrs ed cgood video and i bet somebody will recognize him. notice he asked for the water
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maybe the thief will keep c *@aclosas @ao@^@k closedent. th ih@]ountain with beautiful blue skies. they need a bit more snowwwhich will come later this week. today, dry and quiet. you can see a decent amo people up there. looking at the future cast, let's take you through some snow. it will not happen today. starting a 10:00, you can see clear skies ssatewide. we put it into motion and you %- can see clouds, especially on the western slope. there will be some clouds crossing the metro area and out to the eastern plains. overnight we will see more clclo@^h@ however, ccuit:h@cmonday night is wh@kclos we see snow moving into the southwest corner of the state. ittwill slide right in there.
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^l: it will pick up @k^l:`^abc%on tuesday :h@ccl, * h@c and momo *the central for us, we s sircuitl later %@ao@ we will show you that the seven day. here is a look from thth*@k^lmuseum of nature and science toward downtown. %- looking pretty nice. the snow is finally starting to melt as temperatures warm to the 40s. weil h@c ofof circuitoday ^o@^ and tomorrrr` * it is still chilly at 9:20abh@here in denver, 26 degrees. teens for fort collins. boulder is warmer at 30. eagle is 0 and gunnison at 18 below. you will be above zero today, i can promise you that. looking at the planner for the broncos game, it will be 44 at 2:25 and then it cools down. once the sun drops, remember that temperatures will take a tumble. as we look at those highs, you will see that things will be decent across the state. here is the broncos game day planner. -`if you are out early, which is
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tailgating, it will be 46. we top out at 47 in denver and then things cool down. @k^l: will be il`cuiton with a light breeze. there will be wind-chill factor with wind at 5-10 miles per hour. then look at monday and tuesday. tuesday near 50 degrees. wednesday there is an increase in the clouds. while the snowclosed stays to west for the first half ofit%the ^closan arrive thursday and into fda:ed c we will look at those models ed circutomorrow as far as thab* amamit]w. ean to do that, i got excited with the clicker. the mountains definitely need some snow. we had great snow last week and we have had a little bit of a
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welcome to morning sports with the broncos and the chargers. there is a lot riding on this game. the division title on the line. the biggest prize is a first- round bye. the team as banged up and they need a week off in the worst way. tj ward is questionable as well asbrandon marshall. inryport aside, this is it. the broncos beat the chargers today and then the road to the super wlhrough denver. ield advantage is ours. ititgo time and the team knows how big the game s. >> obviously we are on a short ek this week. nobody is acting like they are tired or beat up. in fact, there is extreme focus and energy through thh building right now.
9:21 am
ex-date on sunday -- at stake on sunday. >> wne care of it and try to get bye. n welllthis week and let the chips fall where they may.>> we are focused on getting the guys back healthy and making a push for the playoffs. there is a lot at stake for us and e have a lot to play for. >> reporter: the defense has a chaace to do something special. the broncos have a chance to be the first defense and offense if history to finish with a number one d. top in seven categories like sacks, total defense and pass defense. they have been the only constant all year. you know what they say, defense wins championships. this d help the chargers three points -- held the chargers to three points in the first go ound. they want another ng
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i think we are this -- a sack ahead of new england. we are trying to close the season out good. that's what we want, we want to be the best. we want to lead the team and the nfl in sacks. and to lead and yards per rush. we want to have it all. you know, greatness is bred and we take that tenacity out. we want to be the best. >> reporter: we wanted all people. bronco/chargers, that's going to be fun. ttat does it for me for sports on a sunday. go out and have yourself a great day. the game is at 2:25 at sports authority field. san diego may no longer be in san diego next year. we don'ttknow. >> it could be one of the last games. we will have to wait and see. it is going to be a decent game. temperature starts in the 40s
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typical football weather. it is 9:27 right now and a busy 3 morning for englewood police. it certainly is. we are covering stories all morning for you. smash and grab's . a look at
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it is 9:30 things are the airport expects one of its busiest days evers -- ever. 30,000 more passengers than usual. wait times are 15-20 minutts right now on each side. >> not bad right noo. today, expect delays, especially if you are headed back to town.
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is pena boulevard toward the airport. bound from the mountaiai will be more of a parking lot. things are looking decent right now, but remember there express tollway on your way home to cut off your drive time. the eastbound lanes have already opened up. it is good to see that. it's good to see that we are not dealing with big weather systems anywhere ii the united states. no ripple effects at the airport. we areeobviously still having a lot of flooding in some locations. however, as far as travel, it we will look at the forecast coming up in just a bit. first, let's look at breaking news. several businesses cleaning up and taking amatory this morning after someone force their way and overnight. we have lindsay watts live at yale and dartmouth. did the crooks geaway with anything? >> reporter: the police say that in some cases this morning that the thieves did not even
9:27 am
it sounds like the did not get away with -- they did not get away with much. it was a hassle for the small business owners that had to come in this morning, clean up the broken glass and board up their doors. this is billy's hotdogs that was hit. `hey also get the pizzeria next doororthree other restaurantana starbucks and a salon. this puts us at more than 20 smash and grab's around the denver area since december. i spoke to the owner at billy's. he said the thieves took cash from a box used to collect they stole an ipad and also a %- few beers. these thieves are clearly not the brightest. most binot keep money in the register overnight . they make an effort to make that clear. >> we leave the register drawer it is here. the other drawer wassleft
9:28 am
one, but there was no money. that is just the standard procedure that we use. >> reporter: these businesses are all within two blocks of each other on south broadway. the thieves used rocks to smash last doors and windows. the run. these are reviewing surveillance video to hopefully find these people. i am lindsayywatts , denver 7 we have morning with a lot of sunshine. temperatures are chillyy denver is 26 with a little breeze which means it will feel cooler than that. up and fort morgan, a beautiful shot with the sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. we will see some clouds this afternoon. the next couple of days will be relatively quiet and you will see quite a bit of melting. it is 21 in erie and 23 and thornton.
9:29 am
if you are get -- getting out for i walk or run, it should be nice this afternoon. as i mentioned, pretty quiet, but they we see changes coming up. we will take you through the %- future cast and show you when we will see some of that snow from the west down here. we heard shooting and we started running away. >> witnesses at the citadel mall in olorado springs ran in fear when a gunman shard it -- started shooting outside of a hooters restaurant. a man and woman were shot and are expected to recover. another person was grazed but did not need medical care. >> the one third -- there is case and police are looking for another person who may be driving a newer model white four-door sedan.
9:30 am
leon teodora , whose body was found near 10th and to, and new year -- and tacoma on new year's day. police are looking for an armed robbery suspect two-car check the driver near fifth and bryant. thh car was a 2011 great dodge charger with a license plate of 697 xnk. if you have information , you are asked to call police. more trouble for singer, chris brown. a woman claims that he had her and took her phone when he -- when she tried to take his now he is arrested for battery and theft. remember that he did serve probatton for abuse of his then girlfriend, breanna. the gunman walked into a
9:31 am
>> pastor larry wright was giving a sermon on gun violence at a north carolina church when a man walked in with a rifle and a full magazine of ammunition. tiki five walked up to him and said, can i help you? the pastor -- >> the pastor walked up to him and asked, can i help you? the man gave him his rifle and they gave his life to jesus. the man committed himself to a mental health facility. a stun gun and several blades stadium. it was in the employee parking lot and police stressed that there was no threat to the stadium or anybody that was therefore the nhl winter the time. he will be in court tomorrow. people angry after partiiipants were harassing
9:32 am
this happened at the 116th annual parade. some participants were caught on video mocking caatlyn jenner and shouting things and even pouting -- pain interfaces brown to portray mexicans. it is now 9:36 and presidential candidate donald trump is responding to news that an al qaeda group is using videos of him and part of their recruiting videos. trump of course brushed it off saying that he is nottthe only public figure to make an appearance in a militant video. democratic rival, hillary clinton, had said that his comments would be used to recruit militants. during an event in mississippi, trump fired back.>> hillaryy
9:33 am
and ormer lawmaaers are remembering dale bumpers. he drew national attention for defending bill clinton during his impeachment trial. he tried -- died friday night at his home in little mark.
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welcome backkeverybody. this is a look at sports authority field, mile high. a beautiful broncos sunday. i'm sure everybody is there getting their barbecue on and having fun before the game that starts at 2:25. i am now here with tony from foothills animal shelter. he has carter this morning. >> carter is a three-year-old miniature pincher mix. he is friendly and likes to go for walks. he is one of the dogs that will
9:35 am
get him back to foothills. >> is very handsome and has a cool scarf. >> he thinks he is a cool dude.>> reporter: let's talk they need to have resources before they adopt. especially if you adopt a dog or cat for the holidays. >> it is a big commitment and a multiyear commitment. it could be a decade or more. what ww do with the dogs is we have a great volunteer staff. the original staff also. we talk to people and find out what is the best pet for them. do you want a kitten, a ppppy or an adult dog or cat? there are lots of responsibilities. there is the money aspect also. many people don't realize that.
9:36 am
think an animal is cute and they don't think about the responsibilities. 3 so, we asked people to take that into consideration. we are there to help them. that is what is great about foothills. to help you pick the perfect pet for you.>> reporter: sometimes you are saying that a puppy is not for hem.>> carter is a great dog. he likes to go for walks and he is pretty active. if you cannot make that commitment, maybe you should think of an older dog. right caater? >> reporter: carter is going to go quickly. if you'd like to know more about adopting a dog or a cat at foothills animal shelter. you can call 303-278-7575. you can also get their website on our website at . it is under lifestyle. carter, can you shake?
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the time is 9:42. rain, sleet or snow could never stop the er doctor from wisconsin. he proves he is into saving lives, no matter what the weather. how he got to work when even the snowplows were getting stuck. we have been talking about the broncos game. people are headed out to do tailgating. here is the game day planner. early on, the temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. kickoff temperature will be 44 and then we drop.
9:38 am
welcomm back. a beautiful start to your sunday. right and sunny. this is a look at lookout mountain where traffic is fine this morning. that's because everybody is already up there skiing and enjoying the day. maybe they are headed back to enjoy the broocos.
9:39 am
you ready for slowdowns as people come back from the long holiday with new year. was -- a wisconsin emergency doccor could have huge snowstorm and he could not drive to work. he didn't. folks noticed. and halffwith snow up to my knees. skiing was easier. i sought -- a got a lot of funny looks from people who wwre shoveling their driveways as i skied down the middle of the road.>> reporter: he says this is not the first time he has so used unconventional -- that he has used unconventional transportation. one time in medical school he used no shoes.>> he got there. great to see. there is no skiing in denver because we don't haae a loved -- enough
9:40 am
there is ice. it has enough overnight that we have not had much melting during the day. we will see more of it begin to melt in the next couple of days. looking toward downtown denver, you can still see snow. the roads are fine -- the main roads it is oing to be a nice and peaceful day. as far as temperatures, here is how we go. when we get to 2:00, we will be right at about 44 degrees. it will be cooler at that point. remember that e will hit thee high a little earlier, closer to noon or 1:00. it will be colder by 5:00. really and sterling -- greeley and sterling still shy of the 40 degree range.
9:41 am
`ops out around 50 degrees. gunnison, 10 degree is your high -- degrees is your high. you will be above zero. eagle looking for a high of 29. boulder, you will be a warm spot at 45 degrees. looking at the satellite and today. if you look to the southwest, this issthe next system that will arrive late tomorrow night. let's take you through the %- future cast to show you how it plays out. it will not impact us here in the metro area until later in the week. `s we put this into motion at 10:00 you will see a few clouds in the northwest corner. -- the southwest corner. they will pick up and continue through the evening. dry conditions until late
9:42 am
i am stopping is hereeto stay at night. monday night, that is when the snow creeps into the southwest corner of the state. tuesday, as the day goes on, t will move up and you will see more moving into the central mountains. so, light snow there. for the metro area, it will be dry until the end of the week. enjoy he warmer tempeeatures on monday and tuesday. tuesday, he will be a 50 degrees in denver. nice and quiet. wednesday, more clouds and then there is the chance for snow. around midnight wednesday night , that could continue through thursday and friday. the majority of the metro may hold off on the snow until thursday afternoon or even then, through friday we could pick up a couple of inches. we will fine-tune the exact closer. so, even tomorrow, as we see
9:43 am
it will arrive on wednesday or thursday. it will be nice to see it. it is going to get cold and the high for next saturday is goong to be around 20 degrees. >> my house faces north and i am convinned i will never see the grass in the front yard.>> no you won't. >> it is going to melt ann then there will be more snow. i am prepared for that. it is 9:48 and we will look
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number. welcome back everyone. it is now 9:52. if you are headed to the airport to pick someone up, get ready for company. dia expects 175,000 travelers to pass through the airport.
9:46 am
about 30,000 more than a typical day. % officials say it could be the second stay -- second busiest day and airport history. last year, there were lines at security and people miss theer flights. if you are traveling, give yourself lots of extra time. even at 5:00 this morning we saw wait times as long as 20 minutes.>> at least the sun is shining. that is good news. you know the tarmac rule that was put in place to keep ground. the new study says it takes longer for people to get where they are going. the problem is that in order to avoid being penalized for long delays, the airlines cancel flights. american airlines is frustrated passengers who had to wait for hours on the airline put too much fuel in a plane and the flight from
9:47 am
at boeing field because it was too foggy. the plane was fueled for the rest of the trip and the crews put into much. >> we wereeall looking at each other saying, is he jokinn? are we taking off? then we realized as he kept talking that we were stuck they sat there for three hours worked nor food -- no food and nowhere to go. 93 of the people on board chose to get off and beepicked up. from sea-tac where the plane was supposed to land. a new debut service along u.s. 36 making it easier for passengers to get on and off the rtd flyer. they will offer rides on the fire for free tomorrow. -- flyer for free tomorrow.
9:48 am
at the honolulu zoo before headed back to washington dc -- washington, dc. the president took his sister and niece is therefore fun. twins with berthoud -- with different birthdays in different years. the twins were born in san `iego. baby girl jaylynn was born at 11:59 on new year's eve. her brother lewis was born on new year's day. the parents get to claim one child on their taxes for this year and have to wait until next year to claim the other. what is bettee, having to it is fun to have twins with different birthdays and in different years. literally, one kid can say they were born in 2015 and the other in 2016.
9:49 am
and grab say keep happeniig. let's go to lindsay watts reporter: there were seven smash and grab break-ins this morning here at businesses on south broadwwy. three were in the shopping center where you can see the door boarded at the pizzeria. also the bakery down there and the hotdog restaurant. the other businesses that were hit -- are all within about two blocks. we will show you video. this makes 20 smash and grab ssme around the denver area just since the beginning of december. police say the ones that happened today appened around to: 30. the thieves use rocks to smash doors and windows. investigators don't think the thieves got away with much. the businesses do not keep cash in the stores overnight. they got away with a few minor items. the brokers are on the run -- the bbrglars are on the run and police have surveillance video and hope tt catch them. >> it makes you wonder if it is
9:50 am
clearly we have to cover it to help police. you saw the sunshine on lindsay's face, but she still had on her jacket. boulder feels like 34. in the high country, it feels like zero in eagle and 17 below and gunnison. the high of 45 in boulder and 47 in denver will fill nice this afternoon. you will see a mix of 20s and 30s and the high country. the warm weather continues for tte next couple of days. even near 50 on tuesday. then we see the changes. the mountains will see the changes sooner. let's get you through the broncos game day forecast. you are going to the game nd excited toobe there. >> i will be in the north stands and i will be hot.>> are you tailgating? >> yeah. >> by the end of the game we
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